Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the Open Source Software !!

Hi all, today I want to talk about one of the most interested thing I observe here from the technical side. All of us (Iraqi IT Interns) visit many universities like Stanford, Berkeley (California) and Maryland, this most issue that i notices that all these university use open-source programming language to teach students the programming algorithms, high level programming and they didn't depend on the famous software companies like Microsoft, Apple,...etc (only if there is a lab. gift from this companies to that universities) and I am really surprised from that at first because in Iraq most of the college that I see uses Microsoft products (you know that there are no copyright in Iraq so it is very cheap!!).
And even when I now in the Mercy Corps they use open-source programming and platforms, all these universities and most of the companies want to be independent from Big software producers, they want to be free !! and I thank in Iraq we need to big switch to this type, and as an Instructor and IT Director in my university I will try my hard to do this change.

my friends I want your comment .......

Expo Center

in the previous days there a show in Expo Center in Portland named "Energy Trust Better Living Show", in this show many companies offer the new technology of Solar and wind power beside many healthy products.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alice in Wonderland in 3D !!

a month ago Serbest tell me that he goes to the movie theater (Cinema) in the Saint Louis to see the Avatar movie in 3D which and encourage me to see the 3D movies. then I browse the INTERNET to see where the 3D theaters and what is the new 3D movie.
Alice in Wonderland is the new one and there is a near theater to me (LLoyd Center Cinema)which Floyd help me to find it.

The Mount Hood

There is a very nice Mount in the portland city called the Mount Hood, there are alot of snow on this mount most of the time. Floyd offer me to go with him and his family to this mount and It is really a wonderfull time we spent it there.

Friday, March 19, 2010

danforth planet science center

it was great experience  i get a chance to go with Deb (AT&T external affair) to visit the danforth planet science center.
the concept of using the technology to help poor people in africa and all the work that have been done in order to enhance the amount of the protein so that the food have more value and the best part is that they take scientists from africa and teach them how to do that themselves 
it was a great experience

celebration with my team

recently we finish our work in release 12 of our project so we get out to celebrate that accomplishment
it was fantastic day i have lots of fun
and see how team harmony is important to success in work

saint patrick day

this is the parade of saint patrick day i have lots of fun this day 
and see how america support the freedom because basically saint  patrick is an Irish Parade but they celebrate it in the US how great is that

high tech day

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Accomplishment, teamwork, time: AT&T is ideal model of corporate America

Before I had the chance to know what AT&T was, I thought that AT&T’s main focus was telecommunication. This is only partially true because today AT&T is very competitive in several other industries such as providing fast Internet service or broadband, creating enterprise software and application development and developing an IP-based TV system known as U-Verse.
AT&T has more than 284,000 employees, and thousands of them are IT professionals and code writers who, for example, write the software that handles gigantic database flow systems. The rest of the employees range from drivers to public relations to external affairs who help the government form regulations and to experienced managers. AT&T is spread all over the United States, but their key branches are concentrated in several states. One of them is in St. Louise, Mo., where I work with the other nearly 5,000 employees in one of the three AT&T buildings.
It is amazing how all these massive work processes are man- aged in AT&T. With all these employees, customers and huge numbers of services provided, I was wondering how they manage it. Based on my observation, the work environment in AT&T is based on teamwork. Talking about the IT section of the company, each project has a team to work on, and all team members have to submit weekly or daily status reports to their managers to ensure that the work is progressing smoothly and products will be delivered on time. In addition, AT&T employees are using special tools to increase their efficiency. They keep all of their work documents digitized and are accessible by all the team members who work on the same project for updating and reviewing purposes. They also use in- side-the-house communications tools. Simply put, every AT&T employee can easily communicate
with another AT&T employee using AT&T’s internal Instant Messaging tool, e-mail and phone. No matter what is your position in AT&T, you can simply come in the morning and find the contacts of the chief executive officer of AT&T and send him a good morning greeting via the IM.
Because AT&T is involved with everyday life of their customers, they work not only to deliver a good quality services, they help them and their communities. The pioneers are the world’s largest industry-based volunteer organization with about 325,000 employee and retiree volunteers. AT&T also has about 10 groups that support employee diversity and community involvement. Women of AT&T is organized to connect and inspire members to achieve their personal and professional goals and to effect change in the community. They help women in the workplace and raise about $20,000 each year for women and children charities. HACEMOS is a non-profit, non-partisan organization open to active and retired employees of the AT&T. family of companies. The organization’s main purpose is to foster an environment where people support and encourage each other to succeed professionally, personally, and in the community. Addition- ally, in 2008 AT&T contributed $169 million through corporate, employee and AT&T Foundation giving programs.
In addition to being number one in its business and providing best services. AT&T contributes to the society and to the high-tech community, AT&T receives, on aver- age, two patents every day for a new invention and discovery. Simply put, AT&T is the kind of organization that you want to exist in your country and make you proud.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My way to the Iraqi election

The last week has very important event for all Iraqi people, it is the election, it happened every 4 years and any Iraqi adult can vote and decide who will lead him in the future.

It was far away from my apartment to reach the election center but I decided to go and vote, I went there a little bit late and I saw the people and TV crowded in the center and each person when he vote he should paint his finger by ink so that’s the voting reference.

Then after voting I completed my way to visit my uncle he invited me to share the lunch with them having Iraqi food (DOLMA) and pickle so I used to visit him every weekend and I feel myself lucky because he is near from me.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend on the Golden Gate

hi everybody

in the last 2 weeks I had the chance to see Jill again which was great, and also Matt my supervisor invited me and Saif and Shannon to his house for dinner and we meet his family and had a wonderful time there, as for the weekend i spent it on the golden gate bridge, i know that all of us had the chance to see it when we first came to San Francisco, but that was a short visit, this time i crossed it walking and went all the way up the hills on the other side and had a wonderful 7 hour trip, i thought of sharing some of the pics that i took with all of you, so here ....

and finally, a pic over san francisco

Thursday, March 11, 2010

just be careful when u talk to media

greetings guys i put the letter i send to the journalist who play with my words to write what she want to write probably you don't want to read the article because its really hurt  the botom line is be careful and make sure you see what they wrote when they publish it and if you can before it will be good

i was writing to you from work and even don't read the whole article few things i want to point at and make it clear
1)i say there is so many dumb people in the world to answer the question about why there is war i never say in iraq.
2)when i talked about people and how they  must know that difference is something good again i never said iraqi people i am talking globally
3)i said i lost to uncle before the war killing by the iraqi government before 2003 and lost two nephew after the war but i never said that i lost them in conflict
i lost them in a terrorist attack because they work in the police to try to make iraq saver place but i never mention that and i wonder how you could say something i never said you draw your own conclusion.
 after read it carefully i find it hard to say thats its only misunderstood because you put things from your imagination and try to delete some fact i say like when i talked about my relative i lost you talk about my nephew and don't mention my uncles actually you said that i lost my uncles in conflict which is so untrue because the saddam government kill them.
please make the correction and try to be more professional next time if you have something with war or you have some idea you want to give to american people please don't put my name on it

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner in the Bija House

Bija Gutoff working in the Mecry Corps, she is very nice women. She offer me a very generous offer to have a dinner in her house with her husband , I go there and we talking about many things concerning Iraq and my Internship experiment and the interested thing is the dinner it self because they bought Halal meat!! and most of the food on the table is look like arabic food like rice, salad ,hummus and many Delicious dishes.

OHSU Visit

Gretchen Ansorge working in the Mercy Corps and responsible for Middle East, she offer me a generous offer to meet her brother John, he is working in the OHSU (Oregon Health and Science University) and he is responsible for online medical courses for Instructors.
I should take the Ariel Tram to get to his job place, which new experiment to me to do that.
He explain to me all the technical issues concerning the online training be side he show me the most of the OHSU buildings which is very interested place.

The Mount Tabor

after bowling game Floyd ask me if I want to see the mount Tabor that is a wonderful place, it is like a forest on the hill and even the drinking water treated there for the city.
And after you walk to the top you will see all portland city from where you are standing!! it is amazing!!.

Bowling .......

Many Sports events and activity you can be involved when you live in USA, in the previous sunday Folyd call me to have coffee together and after that we go to the bowling place.
it is my first try to play bowling, but really it is an interested game. I spent a very nice time there even I loss the game!!

Portland Saturday Market

One of the most interested activity in the portland is the open markets that done in the river side in the weekend days (every Saturday and Sunday). many people came with their home made products that includes: home antiques, printed T-shirts, wood stuff, jewelers, and many others goods.
Beside that some bands playing their songs and the people coming from many places and many of them tourist. It is really nice activity.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Update from Alaa at BSD

Saalaam to everyone,

During my Internship in Blue State Digital (BSD), I have had the opportunity to learn many things which may be useful for people interested in Networking, Internet and Technology.

I came by a very useful tool used for graphing and monitoring the performance of any device or computer in the network which simply provides SNMP. It is called Cacti. People whom are familiar with other graphing systems (like MRTG,RRDTool or others) may find cacti more advanced and powerful than those systems.

Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool's data storage and graphing functionality. Cacti provides a fast poller, advanced graph templating, multiple data acquisition methods, and user management features, out of the box. All of this is wrapped in an intuitive, easy to use interface that makes sense for LAN-sized installations up to complex networks with hundreds of devices.

Cacti is released under the GNU General Public License, meaning that it is completely FREE with no strings attached. Cacti can work under different environments (Unix, Linux and Windows).However, if you enjoy Cacti and find it useful be sure to check out the donations page for various ways to encourage development and otherwise make cacti’s founder happy.

Cacti requires that the following software is installed on your system.
· RRDTool 1.0.49 or 1.2.x or greater
· MySQL 4.1.x or 5.x or greater
· PHP 4.3.6 or greater, 5.x greater highly recommended for advanced features
· A Web Server e.g. Apache or IIS

For further info about Cacti


My Visit to Aviston Elementary School

Iraqis Share Culture, Entertain Kids at Local School     
Thirty minutes is not much time to get across an entire culture, but a couple of Iraqis gave it a try last week and entertained some kids in Aviston along the way.

Sadeq Hamid Shnaishel, 24, and Sarbast Maheed Rashid, 23, told the kids at Aviston Elementary School about their country of Iraq and what they are doing in America.

Sadeq and Sarbast are two of the six interns in the first ever U.S. State Department Iraqi Internship Program. They are studying how telecommunications works at AT&T in St. Louis. They have been here about a month and will stay through the end of April, talking to people, learning and traveling.

Marisa Giller, a spokeswoman from Fleishman-Hillard, which is helping publicize the Iraqis' visit, said the two have been appearing at groups and schools in the St. Louis area whenever possible. "They are stars," she said. "Everyone loves them. They have a great time." 

They were in Aviston at the invitation of Dennis Rakers, an Aviston native who works for AT&T.
Sadeq lives in Baghdad but says he has never been in harm's way. "We are safe, but you do have to worry," he said. "You hear the noise." 

When asked why the war was still going on, he said he was puzzled as well. "That's a hard one," he said. "I guess because there are so many dumb people. We really are a peaceful nation."

The two young men talked about what they do for fun, showed pictures of the scenery in Iraq and of their families. Sarbast is from Erbil, which is a large city in the country's Kurdish region which is semi-autonomous.

He showed pictures of mountains and snow. "It gets colder than St. Louis,” he said. Rakers challenged the men to shoot basketball free throws and said they were learning American sports. But Sadeq had a question for the kids: "Why do they call it football when you don't touch the ball very much with your foot?" he asked.

This article was written by Zia Nizami from