Monday, April 26, 2010

my interview with Channel 5

AT&T gave me opportunity to talk to ch5 which is the most viewed channel inside st louis
it was in the air yesterday this is the link for the video and the article

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

it was 3/9 when i get an email from Mr. Castro a co worker in AT&T work as a PMP(Sr. project manager) it was an invitation to Hispanic Chamber of Commerce it was a meeting called Business After Hours and its simply an event to bring HCC members together
he was kind to take us to the place by his car and get us back to mansion house where we live the host for this event is Edward Jones who give a financial presentation it was awesome its talking about the economic crisis and how to run your business in this tough time and it was also a visionary speech about how they started their work the first time and the most important lesson i get form this speak is the important of the networking and building relation ship in business to stay in business its not enough to be the best its not enough to sell at the lowest price its very important to make people trust you
Mr. after the event end Mr. Castro share with me some valuable information one of them is about a company owner how talked to him and said that 70 percent of his work came by referral and that to explain to me the important of networking and  building a trust relationship with the customer  after all its all about people .
It was an event I really get good insight from