Tuesday, March 2, 2010

AT&T Diversity

look like i am really busy in work 

I remember the day so clearly the day when i read the email telling me that i has get the visa to US.
I was so happy and couldn't believe it then i call Mr Henry how told me that the visa in his office right now and i can get it when we come to embassy for the dinner they embassy hosted in honor of the IT Interns.
but i couldn't wait that long i ask him can i take it tomorrow if you have time he said sure.
I met him we sit down together he ask for a tea and he ask the waiter in iraqi language.
we talk a little bit about the program and he tell me that he would go to the north of iraq.
and ask me if i been their before i told him no but i love to do that if i have a chance.
He smiled and said you will go to US you will see the whole world. his words just pass i never thought that this will be the case truly in US its like one country and the whole world where ever you from you will find people from your country and other country what ever you belief you will find people whom believe in the same thing you belief .this is the US
AT&T Building

what amaze me is AT&T have the same things of course in less scale.
AT&T employees are from every where from india ,Pakistan ,german,Ethiopia  ,what ever country you name it.
and when i look to that its just amazing and no matter whats your color or your race its not get in your way to get a promotion or something like that
and the company is so nice that they arrange us to met employee  came from the same culture we came from in order to make things easy for us and make sure we doing good in our life inside and even outside the company
if you ask me what you make AT&T unique i will its their vision and diversity and the way they treat their employee sometimes i feel like i am at home .
I am working in ISAAC team now the work is tough but i get lots of help and that what make it piece of cake to me. my team is amazing my team lead steve always visit me and ask about me progress frankly i don't have much to tell  because i never used to big project beside i am new to java language and that kill me but i work hard to learn and one of my collage Heather she is very helpful she came to my Cube everyday check on me.my other team lead is renee she is so cute and friendly i never think about friendly boss back in Iraq we have so many rules to talk to your boss but not in AT&T not in US every body is the same you just say what ever you want you can don't agree with something your boss said without afraid of being fired.i forget to mention jesse and karry both of them are my co-workers when ever i need something i just ask them and they gave me the help i want.

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