Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Weekend

After work, the weekend came, and when it came for us, we always think what we can do. We don't know people  here, we are still strangers and we don't even know where to go. So this sounds weird, but for us, the work week is better than the weekend, because we see people we know and talk to them, and hang out with them during the lunch break.

Ali, from AT&T, and the penguins

Well let's say it's supposed to be like that, but in reality, things are different. When the work is done and the weekend comes, we had a fantastic day. It was basically a learning experience with lots of fun, and we had a chance to see what is the real American society. I really enjoyed the weekend and to me, I gained more in those two days than I got in the 5 days of work! I remembered when I left the zoo with Ali, we had lots of things to talk about, and at that point, I was thinking what I will do when I get back to Iraq. The things back there are really tough, and it's a mess. 
Ali put it perfectly. He just said "It takes only one man, only one with a vision to make change". Then all the problems I saw just disappeared, because I know that where the focus is, energy flows. It's that easy.

Mark, Debra, and me after watching Avatar in 3D

In the weekend we talked about politics, economy, even the health care bills. I talked with Mark about that and he explained it to me. He is a very resourceful man and a hard worker. I've met up with him twice so far, and am looking forward to the 3rd and 4th time because when he talks, I always gain something new, and he is interested in my culture.

Me and mark had a little talk about technology and the IT profession, and he talked about craigslist and how it first came to be, and how it is great for doing business. I love to hear these stories because I always get the motivation to take risks and start a business, no matter what the obstacles are.

Daniel and me

Another great friend I met at AT&T is Daniel. He is cool guy, and he is a developer too, so I always ask him about programming and what the cutting edge technology is. Here we had fun on the weekend.

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