Thursday, March 11, 2010

just be careful when u talk to media

greetings guys i put the letter i send to the journalist who play with my words to write what she want to write probably you don't want to read the article because its really hurt  the botom line is be careful and make sure you see what they wrote when they publish it and if you can before it will be good

i was writing to you from work and even don't read the whole article few things i want to point at and make it clear
1)i say there is so many dumb people in the world to answer the question about why there is war i never say in iraq.
2)when i talked about people and how they  must know that difference is something good again i never said iraqi people i am talking globally
3)i said i lost to uncle before the war killing by the iraqi government before 2003 and lost two nephew after the war but i never said that i lost them in conflict
i lost them in a terrorist attack because they work in the police to try to make iraq saver place but i never mention that and i wonder how you could say something i never said you draw your own conclusion.
 after read it carefully i find it hard to say thats its only misunderstood because you put things from your imagination and try to delete some fact i say like when i talked about my relative i lost you talk about my nephew and don't mention my uncles actually you said that i lost my uncles in conflict which is so untrue because the saddam government kill them.
please make the correction and try to be more professional next time if you have something with war or you have some idea you want to give to american people please don't put my name on it

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  1. You are right Sadeq, any one should be care with media.