Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life in the Countryside

One of our friends in AT&T, Dennis Rakers, invited us to visit his town of Aviston, a 40 min drive from St Louis. We arrived in the town in the afternoon and met his nice family and their grandparents.

Later the same day, we went to one of the biggest dairy farms in the town, where they milk 650 cows twice a day. We also saw the huge tractors with a brief lesson on how they use them to increase production. We went to a community meeting, and met people from every different aspect of life.

I also met the Mayor Charlie, a very nice and wise guy who has been the Mayor of the town for over 20 years. The second day I went to two schools in the town: Aviston School and German City School. I gave a presentation about my culture and the life in my country. The kids had simple and interesting questions and were eager to know the difference between the U.S. and Iraq. Channel 5 was present in the event, and soon, they will make a detailed report on us for the TV. Later the same day, we went to discover other parts of the countryside, and I was amazed how beautiful and simple their lives are.

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