Monday, March 1, 2010

My Internship at Howcast

Howcast is the name of the company that I am working with. It is located in San Francisco, a wonderful city with beautiful weather and nature.

Howcast is a website with videos that cover everything with “How-to” videos. Their goal is to create the biggest “how-to” video library online. I have been with them for almost one month, learning the new language Ruby on Rails. It was very hard at the beginning to understand that language, which was founded by a Japanese person. It's not like .NET framework or ASP.NET, it’s totally different, so it is slowly starting to shift from GUI environment to non GUI environment.

My duty as an intern in Howcast is to build the mobile site using Ruby on Rails, and most importantly, for me to learn project management for these kind of projects.

The employees in Howcast are friendly, especially my supervisor, Russ. He supports me all the time and spends time with me teaching new skills; not only in the technical part, but also in the management area.

Russ also keeps a blog regarding my internship in Howcast.

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