Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just when I thought I've seen all of America

It's amazing how life keeps surprising me and how limited our thinking is. I remembered that I was sitting in my cube in AT&T and another co-worker came to welcome us and ask about my experience, and I said "Oh man, it's awesome, I've seen all of America. I've been here and there.." then he smiled and said "Do you think you've seen all of America? Let me take you to the countryside".

The countryside is awesome! People there are very, very friendly and simple. They remind me of home.
They know each other, live in peace and harmony, and it's so safe that people leave their houses open and they leave their keys inside the car and their stuff outside. When I ask if they're afraid that someone will steal their things, they say no, of course not, that's never happened before and never will. It's interesting to see another part of the U.S., a part that represents 2% of the population. What I like about it is that its so simple and so alive. I hope I will get back their again; it's an amazing part of the U.S.

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