Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

Hello and welcome to the Iraq IT Internship blog!  We have now begun our Summer 2010 program, and our newest interns will begin posting soon.

The Iraq IT Internship Program brings 6-12 young Iraqi IT professionals to the United States for 12-week internships at leading U.S. IT companies. We are very excited about the summer 2010 program, and our newest group of interns. These seven talented young professionals will be posting to this blog regularly, to talk about their experiences in their internship and in the United States.

Please meet our Summer 2010 interns:

Ammar, Aram, Hayder, Ibraheem, Mahmood, Mustafa, and Wael!

They will be working this summer at Mozilla, AT&T, Engine Yard and Square, all in the San Francisco Bay area.

Welcome to their blog!


Program Officer, Iraq IT Internship Program


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  2. you guys learn arabic so fast
    ahlan wa sahlan i bet the arabic program that julia has is very helpful
    wish u luck guys