Monday, June 21, 2010

Golden gate park trip

Hi all, at first for those who don't know me I am Mustafa Jasim Tuama computer engineer from Nassiriyah city one of the Iraqi interns working for square company in San Francisco. I want to speak today about our trip to the golden gate park. It was amazing place its just like a part from the heaven. I went to the golden gate park with my friends Ibrahim, Mahmood and Wael and Wael in the last because he used to say I am the youngest between them. And we met a lot of girls who fall in love with us , No I am just kidding it will be more fun if that happened but at all it was so amazing and we had fun over there.


  1. We did a lot of jumping that day ^_^ ... a Mahmood had a little problem but I guess it was solved when he got home.

  2. guys did the AED told you dont jump to much coz its wouldn't be covered by ur insurance lol
    love that picture
    jump higher and remember the sky is the limit