Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello from Mozilla

Hi, I'm Hayder one of the second group of the Iraq IT interns. I'm very happy to be here working with one of the leading IT companies in the US. I think this program will help me increase my work experience and learn how the American people think and work. Taking this experience to my country will help me develop the IT sector there.
Thanks to the AED for choosing these great companies, I'm happy to find every one here willing to help and advice at any time.
The first week was the orientation week, I found it very useful and learned many things about the American culture and we had a tour in San-Francisco city. The second week we went to our companies and our accommodations accompanied by Ms. Gavilan our program officer. Now I'm working with the infrastructure team in Mozilla corporation as a part of my internship.

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  1. wish luck haider
    how is work there
    i bet you drink lots of coffee there