Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mahmood greets you

My greeting to all, my name Mahmood Algburi one of the Iraqi IT interns , i'm very happy to be here with the second group. I always looked forward for an opportunity to develop my skills in the IT field , now with the help of AED and US embassy in Baghdad my dream came true.

During my first three weeks in America I learned a lot. The first week involved an orientation program and was a nice opportunity as a cultural exchange and we had a tour in San Francisco and some tourist places.

Me and Ibraheem are working with AT&T company. It's big family there, where everybody in it is friendly. We really liked to work with them as a team and everyday we get new experiences.

Each one of us has different dreams and aspirations but we all look forward to gain experience and considerable skills especially in the field of Information Technology.

At the end of my words, I want to thank AED and the US embassy in baghdad and everyone who helped me .


  1. hi mahmod how you doing
    its so nice to hear that your in US right now
    its good to be at AT&T i been their before its wonderful company

  2. Thank you Sadeq everything going well . AT&T great company,,,