Monday, February 22, 2010

AT&T Innovation Center

When I was a kid, I always loved to watch films about aliens and on the edge technology advanced stuff like super communication and spy cameras etc ...I never imagined that I could see that for real, but guess what! I did! It was Thursday, January 28, 2010 in Washington, D.C. when we went to the AT&T Innovation Center, the most high-tech place you could ever visit in D.C.

Iraq IT Interns with AT&T employees

When we arrived to the AT&T Innovation Center, we met a gentleman (I don't recall his name, but he is on the right side of the picture) and he began to talk about Uverse and high-tech equipment AT&T has started to develop. But what really took my attention is Doctor Bag, a high-tech bag with a screen in it that can contact a doctor and send the test to him and ask him for solution for the problem whatever it is. They designed this so that they can give medical care to the people whom live far away of medical care, in dangerous areas.

The first thing that jumped in my head is that we can take this to Iraq and it will be something we really benefit from. I had a small talk with Richard Robbins, Director of Social Innovation, AT&T Public Affairs. He is a resourceful man. I really benefited from talking to him, and I asked him why AT&T doesn't come to Iraq to invest, because we need a good service like the service offered here by AT&T. He said that it is uncertain right now, but he thinks it's still an option for the company to consider. And if they don't invest in Iraq, I think Iraq should contact them because they could benefit from the device I talked about earlier the, the "Doctor Bag".

After that, we went to the conference room. It was an amazing place to be! There the room was designed by a team from Hollywood to do the decor, and they painted the wall in a fantastic way. The technical part was done by cooperation between AT&T and Cisco. And when we tested a video conference to communicate with another person at another AT&T office, it seemed so real, that we thought that the man on the other side was actually with us. It was simply amazing!

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