Friday, February 19, 2010

University of Maryland

It was in the morning, I was sleepy and tired and the phone just ring and despite of how sleepy I was I just get energetic and enthusiastic when I pick up the phone because I feel the excitement and the power and passion in my friend's voice when he told me "Wake up Sadeq! Come on and take a breakfast today, we will go to the University of Maryland!" We ate as fast as we could, then the AED staff came in and told us that its time to go, and we couldn't wait for this moment.

When we got to the university we went to see where their server is kept, and see their advance equipment, and the funny thing is that we see this equipment for the first time despite of our knowledge in the IT field and our work in it. Then we have the privilege to see some of the professors in the Business College and talk to them. And for the first time, we know what the research means. We actually see the college help its students start new research projects and help them with their idea to invent something new. I was wondering could we do the same in Iraq, and my friend look at me straight in the eyes and told me "We will, we will".

I smile because I see the hope and the future of Iraq when I see the excellent group that I am with. I wish I could publish their names, but I think it's not safe right now; so I will publish them when the time comes, and Iraq is safe for all of us. And I hope that day comes soon.

Then we went to the Computer Science class with David, the intelligent designer who work with AED, and after that we went back to our hotel in D.C. And despite of how tired we are, we just sit down and talk about our perceptions, and what should be done in Iraq.

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