Friday, February 26, 2010

The Science Center

Do you ever wonder how its look like when your born??
Do you ever wonder how much money you have to pay in order to go to space??
Do you ever sit down in science class waiting for the class to end counting every minute??
Do you ask your self why ??
Do you ever watch a movie and feel like you're in it??
Do you ever wonder how the rock look like in outer space??

If you still wonder, I am happy to receive my answers to all these question. It was Monday, 15 Jan 2010
If you want to get answers to those questions, just go to the Science Center.

 Pharmacy students teach kids

We went out to visit one of the most fascinating places in St. Louis, the Science Center. When we arrived with Debra, we met Patrick Galvin, a gentleman that works in AT&T who also worked in the Science Center. Before we entered to the Science Center, we saw a big van come in, filled with young students who came to the Science Center to see and apply their knowledge. Upon entering, we saw a big toy hanging on the celling, and the balls walk through it, I cant describe it, it was probably a piece of art.

Then we met two beautiful women, Christine and Marti, who took all of us on the tour. When Christine introduced herself and welcomed us, she had to talk loudly, because the Science Center was filled with all these little, active kids that can play inside. It is really an amazing place, where you can see a dinosaur, and even build one.

then we take the stairs to go up because the science center is really crowd this day we go to see the movie but its not like what ever i seen before basically its like a huge screen in front of you and even above you and the sound came from every angle and when they play the movie i fell like i am actually in it and forget that we are in movie it was awesome .when the movie is finish i was thinking that its always better to make student see the information and feel it its better than talk about it because in that way he will grasp the idea really quick and he will never forget it so i ask Marti "do you have any cooperation with universities or schools so that they send their student to see an experiment or specific science subject" and she replied yes we have another films and we work on making more.

then we get down to the labs we met PH.D Cindy Encarnacion the director of life sciences she welcome us and begin talk about the science center and the mission they have while she speaking we saw the kids and how they react to what they saw like a bird or leather from an animal but what really was amazing is the 3rd picture i keep looking to them with the 3rd class and without it noticing the difference.

Kids, or should I say, young Scientists

we go to the lab with Cindy and the first thing we saw is little kids with white custom that all the science wear i saw the kids and how they react the lab was contain DNA analysis ,finger print recognition and the kids just love it and i just thinking with my self that this is the best idea to motivate the kids to learn to make them see what the science is rather than talking about it for an hour with mathematical concept . i bet when those child get back to the class and the teacher talk about DNA they will say ohhhhh DNA i saw that i know it its like the human id and he will talk about it in enthusiastic way and he want to learn about it rather than counting the time for the boring science lecture to finish i wonder why we don't have this in iraq and why the labs are always closed .

then we go to see another lab but this time its really different its not for kids  its for real scientists we saw some mutate creature and its like what you see in tv and wonder if that real guess what its real 
then we went to see their IT stuff they done good job but they are not that advance but they do really good job.

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