Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Company, Big Family

I remember when we were sitting in the Embassy of United States in Iraq, itswas about 20 Jan., 2010 and we were talking about the IT Intern Program, and they were talking about the generous gift for us from AT&T, the Blackberry with free phone calls inside the U.S., and I remember the look in the face of the speaker man of the Embassy when he said a Blackberry!!

BlackBerry Bold 9000 Phone, Black (AT&T)

It was really a generous gift from AT&T! When we arrived to Washington, D.C., the AED staff brought our phones and we played with the GPS for the whole day because it's new technology to us in Iraq. Frankly I see that it was a very generous gift to give, but when I first entered the AT&T building in St. Louis, I realized that this company is different, despite the fact that the company is so big! Just in St. Louis we have 3 big buildings!

The Pipe, the Data Center and the main AT&T building, where I work, all of them are big buildings, connected together. There are so many employees and the company is so huge it's really fascinating. And what I really consider a phenomena, is the way the company treat its employees.

It's like a big family where everybody cares and everybody greets you with a big smile. I belief part of what makes AT&T a very successful company is the way they treat their employees. They give them the option to work from home, if they can't come in, and they ask their opnions, and listen to their suggestions. They even give birthday parties for employees, it's like one big family filled with love.

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