Friday, February 19, 2010

The Iraqi Embassy in D.C.

In D.C. we visited the Iraqi Embassy. It was really great at the beginning because we felt like we are at home and we literally at home because it's Iraqi land. Then after a while we realized that we are really at home because of the way that the things run in the Embassy is the same is in Iraq.They're so obsolete, their website is static, and they still use paperwork.

But we see a hope when we were eating the delicious Iraqi meal with the AED staff and a representative from the State Department. We see the people in the Embassy whom start talking about how they want to build a new website for the Embassy and how they show us their concerns and payed attention to what we said. We discussed lots of things and we offered to help them with building a new website for the Embassy of Iraq in the U.S., but sadly we don't meet them again, but we will contact them soon and help them with that .


  1. Love your picture of the Embassy, Sadeq. Beautiful!

  2. thanks sarbast take it actually he have good talent