Friday, February 19, 2010

The Congress

The most fascinating place we ever went is the congress. And what i mean by that is not the building itself, although its done in really artistic way, but the idea of democracy and how they apply it. Even small state have the same number of senator and from the other hand to give the bigger state their share they give them by the population in the congress. 

Then we have an unforgettable experience when we get to the restaurant and book store, Busboys and Poets, which is very good combination its gave you the idea of feeding the brain with feeding the body together. We watched President Obama speech its amazing how crowd was the place and how much noise was in it but then the noise was gone and people start to listen.

After a while the interaction was incredible and people talk with each other to discuss what the President said, and even if they have a different point of view, they still smile to each other and talk politely. 

Now I get what they mean when they say that democracy is not just a law, its something that you do over and over until you get it.

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