Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello from Samir

Hi I'm Samir, one of the Iraq IT Interns, and I'm spending my internship right now in San Francisco with a company called Engine Yard. After everybody went to their internship destination, I started my life in San Francisco for the next few months, and it has been wonderful. The weather is not very cold and rainy (just how i like it). My co-workers are very nice and helpful, especially Matt and Shannon, my supervisors.

At first I started learning Ruby programing language, and then moved  on to learn the Rails platform, both of these are new to me, but I had so much fun learning all about them. Then I was assigned a project to do a web application using the Ruby on Rails "RoR". At first it was a little bit hard, but as I'm moving on, it's getting easier and easier.



  1. hi sam or should i say hi picture master
    man ur picture is awesome i miss our goofy picture together
    miss you bro

  2. hey man
    i miss taking pictures with you to, but hopefully we'll take a lot of crazy pics when we meet again in DC, we will not sleep and spend the night taking crazy pics LOL