Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When I arrived to St. Louis

After we left San Francisco, I was a little sad because I never heard anything about St. Louis before, but I found out that St. Louis is an awesome place to live.

We got up early and went, the three of us: Julia, Sarbast and me to the airport to take our plan to Denver. After landing in Denver, we got another plane to St. Louis, Missouri. We arrived to St. Louis and headed to our hotel. On the way to the hotel, I saw a big building and at the top of it, the label of AT&T appeared. It was fascinating! Then we arrived to Mansion House.

Our room in the Mansion House was booked by AT&T, and they pay for the rent. The place was awesome in every aspect of it! The apartment is so big and huge, and it's on the 29th floor with a big window with a view of the arch. This is one of the most famous buildings in the St. Louis; it iss built to represent the idea that St. Louis is the gateway to the west. And the most important thing is that it's near the AT&T company, so we can walk by it on our way to work. It's awesome in every aspect of it!

AT&T has thought about everything, and they make sure that our stay is pleasant and comfortable. They think about everything! Even the internet! We have a free access to the internet.Then Julia left us and went to her hotel; of course not as big as our room in the Mansion House, because it's the best in St. Louis.
The next day we went to AT&T. It was our first meeting with the company. They welcomed us and asked us about our stay, or if we need anything. I met my boss, Frances Rogers, for the first time, and my supervisor, Sarah Gateley, and their boss, a very nice woman. I think she is from Texas...I don't remember her name.

After they welcomed us, Julia said that she had to go because the bad weather in D.C., and she left. Then we stayed talking about our work in the company. The best thing is I feel so comfortable, even if I am talking to my boss, because they are so friendly and welcomed me and Sarbast very well. Then we went back to our fancy apartment, to prepare for the next day of work.

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